We're the obvious, logical choice, because:
First off: We provide higher amounts of funding,
up to $15,000,000 unsecured,
up to $500 million secured--both more than any other Broker or Lender
in the USA.

- We offer
every type of Business Funding imaginable,
Merchant Cash Advance, Credit Card Advance, Term Loans (1 to 10yr),
Lines of Credit, Invoice Factoring, RE Equity loans, Equipment Equity
Loans, Vehicle Equity Loans...AND the one that made us famous:
"Seasonal Funding", for those who have a slow period every year.

- A1 offers more lenders than anyone else in the US...909.
(Yes, that's our area code...
pure coincidence (wink, wink)).
We've partnered with millionaire private investors,
with their own lending rules.
...What that means is:  The power of having lenders
FIGHT for your loan, getting you the most money,
the most options, and the lowest rates...priceless.

- We're small enough to give you friendly, personal service,
but large enough to help everyone in need of funding.

- We offer business owners
"In-House" Financing
allowing their customers to have credit to buy from them.

- We offer ULTRA HIGH RISK Doptions to those who can not get
funded elsewhere...If WE can't get you a loan, no one
(short of Mom or Dad) can
We've funded files such as:
-Low Volume Low Doc Funding($4,000/Month is OK 1 month,
Just $1,000 in some states)
-Up to 10 year Business Term Loans
-Slow Month or two? No worries, Seasonal Lending is our SPECIALTY
-Need a LARGE Amount? High Volume Funding to $500,000,000
-Just 2 1/2 months in business is OK with 3 statements
sometimes 1 month, submit with last 3 personal statements
-ALL "Hard-to-Fund" and High Risk industries funded including
Trucking-Cannabis-Auto Sales-Law Firms
-9 NSFs to $60,000 OK
-27 NSFs in 90 days OK
-Up to 70 NSFs OK with 700+ credit score, high deposit volume,
for low risk industries
-9 Neg days/month OK
-Only 3 deposit transactions OK if $15k+,only 1 in some states
-Under 400 FICOs OK- We funded a "383" previously
-Over leveraged...We fund to 20 positions in some cases
-Weekly and Monthly Payments are avail to
qualified applicants
-Up To 10 year terms available for qualified applicants
-Non-financial criminal backgrounds are funded in most cases.
-U.S., PR, and Canada are OK.
-We correct "lender apparent" frauds & "Incompatibles"
that aren't---and get them funded.
-MCA Debt Consolidations To 20 Positions are available for some
-We fund up to 4x monthly deposit averages in certain cases
for Expansion projects
-Credit card sales loans are available
-All BKs are OK 1 day after discharge
-IRS and State Tax Liens? Funded! at A1 Financial
-Even "Black Listed" and “Past Defaulters” are possibly funded
with extra documentation

-We currently have a 98.7% funding offer success rate,
so you're certainly not wasting your time applying.
Even if you get declined, we'll help you for free with advice
how to get funded shortly...
Updated 3-31-2021
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At A1 Financial USA We GUARANTEE You Get Business Funding,

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At A1 Financial USA We GUARANTEE You Get Business Funding,

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