If you're looking for business funding,
here's some important tips to help save you
from falling victim to scammers and
perdatory lenders:
- Never pay an application fee.
- Never pay an advance fee. A legitimate lender sends you money first,
not the other way around.
- Never be asked to pay for information.
- A legitimate lender should never downplay the importance of loan
- A legitimate lender should encourage questions and provide clear
- No legitimate lender will ever claim affiliation with the government.
- No legitimate lender will ever claim to be a non-profit organization.
- If a lender directs you to the wrong department, it shows they are
as training should be  of the utmost importance to serve you best.
-Never pay an outrageous fee. If you have a FICO over 700, you should get
very low rates. If  you are under that , any time you must pay over  70%
APR, apply with us.
-You deserve FAST answers. Any company that delays their
communication with you, avoid them.
-If you leave a message, and no one returns your call
within 24 business hours,
that shows you the low level of service you'll get.
-A good lender will always give you options, and creative thinking.
If you don't feel that you are getting that consideration, move on...to
us!...We care to advise   you, not "sell" you.
- Dealing with a lender that offers many types of loans is best, as
sometimes they can combine them to serve you better...like we do.
- There is no need to apply with a lender that requires more than 24
months of bank statements.
We ask for only 3 for most business loans.
The Age of Your Business Could Help You Get a Good Loan!

Did you know that the age of your business has an enormous impact on what kind of loans
you’ll be eligible for?

What Lenders Are Looking For:
When lenders are considering at a borrower, they want to know how likely they are to get
their money back. While credit score and monthly revenues are a good way for lenders to
judge how healthy a business is, time in business plays a huge part in the decision process.

When a company has been in business for a long time, a lender knows that the business
has some staying power. The business most likely has a good amount of customers, figured
out their processes, and survived economic ups and downs. Bottom line: the older your
company is, the more likely you are to get a loan.

How Long Should I Be In Business?
Here at A1 Financial USA, we’ve found that four months in business is the minimum length
needed to get most small business loans. If you haven’t been in business long enough yet,
there may still be options, but know that a significantly larger amount of options will open
up once you hit that magic six month mark. In the meantime, you may want to consider a
getting a business line of credit to help build your credit in your first few months of business.
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