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Ontario, CA 91761

CEO: Mark Ayers
Vice President: Lauren Hatt
Office Manager: Stephanie Capp
Payroll and Accounting Terry Corlin
(909)-489-0564 CEO's cell
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At A1 Financial USA,
Requirements are few, and easy.
Our lenders would generally like to see at
least 3 months of business checking
statements showing at least $4k/month,
(some states it's $1,000, some $5,500)
a photo ID such as a Driver's License, and a
"voided out" business bank check.
Your account needs to be positive
at least $100...$500 is better.

If you don't have one or all of these,
call us at 909-930-9159. We may be able to
still help or offer alternatives....              >>>>
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