Our Mission
At Order Online USA, we understand that business owners
want to simply sell to their customers.
Without an online means, nowadays, that has become
difficult due to the lockdowns.
Many want to sell nationwide or even worldwide, but have
many issues with technology, can't afford huge those website
costs, and the massive amount of work posting on established
sales sites.
Order Online USA is the solution to those problems,
by offering small business owners,
-- who perhaps do not even have a website--
the ability to sell online not only to their clients,
but around the country, and even the world.
                  If you can ship it,
you can sell it!
call 909-930-9159 for business help
Updated 6-29-2020
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CEO: Mark Ayers
Vice President: John Parks
Office Manager: Stephanie Capp
Payroll and Accounting Terry Corlin
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Need Funds Quickly?
Get Up To $950,000 in 24 Hours
Ordering chart:

A) Basic online order form, complete with
generic web page, up to 10 items:          $199

B) Basic online order form with domain,
up to 10 items:                                          $229

C) Basic online order form with special
high click domain:
Market prices, please call (909)-930-9159

D) Extra 10 Items                                        $29
Email us for an invoice

FREE with any order:
With any order, we'll post Financing Options
for your clients, which may help them
purchase now, as opposed to later,
and allowing an increase in your sales.
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Email Address:
Phone with Area Code:
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For Your Business:
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Order Online USA    was created due to
business needs that appeared out of the
Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.
Business owners can now sell to the
whole world, in unlimited amounts,
all without selling fees.
No website nor technical "know how"
is needed, nor tiresome postings...
We do it all for you!
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call 909-930-9159 for business help
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It's more important than ever to maintain and grow sales,
and to keep up with your competition, to thrive in this
trying time.
No matter where you are, now you can sell to
the entire country, or entire world.
We'll provide you your own web page, your own domain
if you choose, complete with online ordering forms,
tailor made to your needs and specifications.

Your online order form sends orders directly to your
email inbox, you then complete the sale.
Your sales lead is complete with client name, phone,
email, item number, etc.
Pre-Payment can be made required first, and funds
will be sent directly to a Paypal account.
As low as $199, and $49/year afterwards, you can be
online in 24 hours, with the ability to show your wares
and take orders...without any personal contact.

Get started today with a free no obligation consultation:
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