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Updated 5-15-2020
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At A1 Financial USA We GUARANTEE You Get Business Funding,

Applying at A1 Gives You Important Benefits:
Have over 900 Lenders review & bid on your loan request,
with never more than 3 inquires, usually just "Soft Pulls".
unique service guarantees you receive:
- The highest dollar amount possible
- The lowest rate possible
- The term you want - long
or short-- where possible.
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...Or We'll "Guide & Coach" You Until You Do.
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What does the position entail exactly?
-You simply find business owners that need funding,
and promote our amazing full spectrum funding services.
98.7% of applicants are approved at A1, so you almost
never waste your time.
We train you
completely how to find and nurture
lucrative funding relationships that pay you over and over.

-Your territory is the U.S., Canada, and PR.
(We know, it's terribly small, only 45 million business owners there.)

-You'll never have to request time off, ever again...just take it.

-You'll never have to work weekends, nor holidays, again. We're closed.

-You can work from any office...

...or anywhere you have an internet connection:

Always know, we are here to
help you earn every penny you can.
If you don't make money, we don't make money.
Our Training Experts will answer all questions and will guide you the
entire way, by email, text, and best of all: phone support:

You will also receive an online porthole so you can track your deals and
24/7/365. It is a uniquely modern machine language
"instant update" site,  you'll know
5 seconds after something happens,
including "OFFER IN!" - FUNDED! - "Commission Made", etc alerts.

Please kindly note, although lucrative, this is not a "get rich quick"
opportunity. Although you can get rich easily, it takes "having knowledge"
first...thus you must train, and learn our system...and it takes
Lazy folks need not apply, unless you're willing to change.

Understood and all good?

Great...Let's see if you are a good fit for us:
Our country and the world has undergone a tragedy,
but we
will bounce back. It's what we do as humans.
Some of us may be forced to "reinvent" ourselves...

We turn to a former U.S. President for advice:
- Do you have both a computer & phone with services?
- Are you a self-starter?
- Can you speak, read, and type English?
- Are proficient with email and texting?
- Are open minded and "positive"?
- Are you willing to take 5 days of online training at your own pace?
- Are you willing to learn and follow our proven loan sales systems?
- Are you happy to help people get money they need?
- Can you represent our 7 billionaire investors' money very well?
- Can you put the clients' needs

If all of the above are a "yes!", you can work with us after completing
your 5 days of training and testing.

If you are already in a financial field, such as:
-Tax Preparation
-Loan Brokerage
and have constant clients in need of funding or financing,
and wish to add side income you may not need the training,
please call our HR Department at (909)-930-9159.

If you are not in one of these fields:
A1 Financial USA will fully train you to become a Franchised Loan Officer
over 5 days. After each training day, a quiz will be issued, and at the end,
a Final Exam. Upon passing, you will receive an A1 Broker's Sub License,
and you can start earning immediately.

April 15th, 2020 update:
The Franchise Fee is normally $7,999, but we are reducing it to $999
due the dire need of new Representatives during this crisis.
Plus we reimburse the fee over your first 5 commission paychecks.

We can also help you
with a personal loan up to $35,000
to cover this fee, and have extra money for yourself and bills right away.
Click on "Finance It":>>

Work in a $65 Billion High Finance industry that offers unlimited earnings,
flexible work schedule,  a "real life" but "at home" lucrative career and future,
and simply have it
all ...all on your terms.
                                    We are an EOE.

             ...We look forward to working with

           Mark Ayers

              Begin an exciting new career as an A1 Franchise Owner.
                   Training fee just $999 during the "Covid-19" quarantine.
                                   Financing is available.
                               Click "Finance It" above to get
                               up to
$35,000 in extra cash, too.
                                                             Begin Your Training Right Now:
Three: It will likely change your tax bracket...this may distress some folks.
Others will see it as a good problem to have.

Four: We ask about "handling" wealth, because we look back at some
athletes, actors, and lottery winners from the past. It has completely ruined
because they were undisciplined and "got rid of" the money foolishly,
by buying harmful and illegal drugs, or got in trouble with the law, broke off
relationships, etc.
We wouldn't want these to happen to you, so please ask us or a counselor
for guidance at any time.

Other benefits are:
-The Business Funding Industry is pandemic proof.
Businesses always need money, during tough times to survive,
during boom times to fill orders, buy inventory, hire, train staff,
buy equipment, purchase buildings, etc.
-Funding needs never end.
-You can never be fired nor laid off.
-You set your own hours, days, and how much or little you wish to work.
-You'll never work a weekend nor Holiday again.
-You may work from your home computer and phone, or in the public,
or both, it's your choice completely.
Please call us if you have any questions not covered above.
Can you handle being very, very wealthy?
We ask because four "important to understand" items are in play.
Your commission is unlimited and uncapped.

Two: We fund businesses up to $500 million...
Compensation is a 50% to 80% commission split--
(amount of dollars varies on each file and your bonus level.)
The general
average commission for a $100,000 loan is
$5,000 to $8,000 in commission to you.
We do all the hard "loan processing" work for you, you just find clients
in need of money (who isn't in that position right now?...not many.)
$500 million is the largest loan we offer, you can do the math on commission:
world of people image
Abraham Lincoln said:
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will
spend the first four sharpening the ax."

The "ax" in the quote is a strength multiplier.
You could be the strongest lumberjack in the world,
but with a dull axe, you will have trouble.

This teaches our founder's motto:
"We must improve ourselves to do better for ourselves."
Knowledge is power.

For a business to work, all the pieces must fit:
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Make Money Without Investing in the
Volatile Stock Market.
Own Your Own A1 Loan Franchise:
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See if A1 is a good fit for you:
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Click box and get
extra cash up to $35,000.
(Choose $1,000-$2,500
initially to be forwarded up.)
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 A1 Financial USA Funds  
  $1,000 To $15 Million
     In Just 24 Hours.

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