- Have both a computer & phone with services
- Are a Self-Starter?
- Can speak, read, and type English?
- Are proficient with email and/or texting?
- Are open minded and "positive"?
- Have no violent felonies on your record?
- Are willing to be bonded to become legal?
- Are willing to learn and follow our proven loan & sales systems?
- Are happy to help people get money they need?

If all the above are true, you can work with us under
our lending licenses with a financial security employment bond.
Sorry, we do not supply these bonds.

If you are already in a financial field, such as:
-Tax Prepar

-Loan Broker
and have constant clients in need of financing,
and wish to add side income you don't need extra
bonding/training, simply call our HR Department at (909)-930-9159

If you are not in one of these types of fields:
A1 Financial has partnered with a national low cost bonding
etwork to obtain Financial Sector Work Bonds at a fraction of the
cost of normal bonding
, for our many Representatives.
This will allow you to start working in the financial field with us
They will background check you, through Talent Shield (only
violent felonies on record  within the last 7 years exclude you) and
bond you, so you'll be legal under our licenses.

Once you apply, we'll connect you with a discount bonding
house in your area.

You will be reimbursed the $199 plus tax
in your first commission paycheck.

We can also help you with a loan to cover this inital cost
if desired or necessary

You also must complete a short customer care course,
and an A1 Financial USA loan process course, all online.

These can be completed within an hour or two.

We use the lowest cost bonding company nationwide to offer this  
financial career bonding, securely, we use them exclusively.
Other places charge $1,000 or more.

As we show you how easy it is to find customers,
you are guaranteed to succeed if you simply apply
yourself and do the work that offers unlimited earnings,
and a "real life" lucrative future,
all on your terms.

We are an EOE.

We look forward to working with you!

Mark Ayers
A1 Financial USA
Simply find business owners that need money,
and promote our services.
We show you how if you don't already know.

We are adding anyone that can read/write
/speak English,
with at least a basic understanding of the internet and computers,
who wishes to become a commissioned Sales Rep,
anywhere in the nation.

Compensation: 50% Commission Split--
amount of dollars varies on each file naturally) with no cap.
The general average commission for a $100,000 loan is

$5,000 to 10,000 to you.
We do all the
hard loan work for you, you just find customers
for us. Training is available to show you how, it's quite easy.

You can set your own hours, days,
and you may work in the public, or from your home computer,
or both, it's your choice completely.

You'll never have to request time off, ever again.

You can work on commission with us if you:
Please call us at (909)-930-9159 if you have any
questions not covered above,
or experience any difficulties obtaining your bond.
How would you like to train for an exciting career
where you can earn an unlimited amount a day,
and never be laid off or fired?
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Henry Ford said;
"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself."
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