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1) Are you over 18 years of age?
2) Can you speak,type
& read English fluently?
3) Do you speak any other languages?
4) If so, which one(s)? (or n/a)
5) Do you feel you can
enthusiastically represent our types
of services to potential clients?
6) Would you like to be able to set your
own hours and work days?
7) Are you willing to learn and follow
our training, and our sales procedures?
8) Are you willing to take 6 short 2
hour online loan training courses ?
9) What date could you start your
loan training online?
10) If you have answered the questions above
accurately, you are the type of person
A1 Financial USA wants on the team, and we
will add you on as an
Independent Sales Representative.
You may set your own schedule 100%.
We'll process the orders you forward or make,
You will earn commission on a sliding scale,
depending on the customer's credit history.
Example: An $800,000 loan will earn you
between $40,000 & $96,000.

There is no cap on your earnings.
The more loans and orders you submit that
close, the more you will earn.
You can offer any of our financial services

You will never be fired nor laid off, as long as
you adhere to our ethics, and customer care
We offer very nice commission pay to Reps who offer solutions to businesses and
individuals through:
Unsecured Business Loans to $15,000,000, including "poor credit" business loans,
as we lend down to 350 FICO scores, Lines of Credit, Term Loans to 10 years in
some states, A/R loans, and RE colaterallized loans to $500 million.

Your income is only limited by your prospecting efforts.

Earning $10,000/week is not difficult for a dedicated
individual that works hard & smartly thanks to the benefit of
huge A1's 909 lender base.
We can fund just about any business, so you won't waste
your time!
Updated 3-16-2020
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2516 Pinecone Way Suite C
Ontario, CA 91761

CEO: Mark Ayers
Vice President: Lauren Hatt
Office Manager: Stephanie Capp
Payroll and Accounting Terry Corlin
(909)-489-0564 CEO 's cell
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