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Updated 3-31-2021
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At A1 Financial USA We GUARANTEE You Get Business Funding,

Applying at A1 Gives You Important Benefits:
Have over 900 Lenders review & bid on your loan request,
with never more than 3 inquires, usually just "Soft Pulls".
unique service guarantees you receive:
- The highest dollar amount possible
- The lowest rate possible
- The term you want - long
or short-- where possible.
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...Or We'll "Coach You Up" Until You Do.
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Here's How To Open an A1 Bridge Account:

Step 1:
Figure the amount of funds you wish to borrow. (e.g. $10,000)

Step 2:
Figure your deposit amount by multiplying it by .04.
($10,000 would be $400.00). This amount covers
Broker fees, transfer fees, and administrative fees for this program.

We can fund even the hardest cases
with this service package:

Examples of past client successes:
--Criminal Backgrounds
--Over-Extended MCA's
--High DTI's
--Child Support
--Tax liens
--In Foreclosure
--Judgement liens
--High multiples of income
(We've achieved 4x monthly income
over a 45 day period-!)

If we can't find you funding,
no one can!

We keep the first $25 or 5%, whichever is higher,
for administrative fees, but will refund
any unused part of the rest of your deposit.
You know we'll work extremely hard and fast because we don't
get paid commissions unless and until we get you funding--
We'll get you funding if it's humanly possible, as soon as humanly
possible. We'll work up to 30 days or more, if needed, to get you
your funds.

Step 3:
Email us asking for your A1 Broker Fee Agreement:
Print out, sign, scan/photograph (well) and return by email.

Step 4:
Please email us a photo copy of your
Driver's License/State I.D. and a "voided out"
check from your account, for loan's direct deposit:


Step 5:
Pay 4% of your requested amount from Step 2 by
Zelle, or PayPal to
(Please do not pay using our phone!)

Step 6: Call us once you've paid at (909)-930-9159.

After 30 days, any unused part is
refunded upon request (minus the admin fees.)
If you choose to search longer, we will...for free.

Both you, and we, are mutually
protected by your contract's terms.        

Step 7:
Watch your email----
(including "junk mail", just in case)
For your contract, and loan offers,
both from "Mark Ayers".
You may always call us directly for help: (909)-930-9159

It's that easy!...
Offers will be emailed in as little as 10 minutes, for up
to 30 days, until you're funded.
Opening an A1 Financial USA Bridge Account gives you
access to our 900+ Private Investors and their lending firms
in these COVID-19 times when normal funding would not be possible,
such as:

-High Amount Personal Loans
-Start Ups
-Criminal Records Loans
-Child Support Delinquency Loans
-Need for Multiples of Normal funding offers
-High Dollar amounts for RE Equity, $15 million up to $500 million.
-Where accounting is needed for a 7-10 day Express SBA Loan funding
through private SBA sources funding to $350,000
-RE purchase to $50 million
-and more...
Every account holder
receives a contract detailing the entire
process, your comfort is our main concern.
We'll work hard for you for up to 30 days to get you
the funding you need.
man handing you cash
call 909-930-9159 for loan help bar