The "Mission Statements" and promises of all our network companies, and are:
-We NEVER ask for an advance fee to apply for a business loan.
(Mortgages often need a down payment for the home, or escrow.)
-We offer loans to purchase any of our business services
-We shop all loan requests to 900+ lenders
to find you the very best loan offers in the USA.
- We endeavor to the fullest to serve  your business,
or we'll "bad review " ourselves--
( so you know we care deeply about serving you perfectly!)

We're here to
get you money when you need it, save you money all
the time,
and teach you how to make your business earn more every day.
A1 Financial USA provides the "Seven C's"
...and 2 more:

At the A1 Financial USA companies, we have a unique understanding
of both a company's, and an individual's needs, desires and capabilities,
and do everything possible to add clarity for success.  
The secrets to a great business are having the seven "C"'s::
Clarity the starter, as it takes clarity to ensure a vision becomes reality.
Then come: Commitment - Creativity - Character - Conversation - Care - and of
But an eighth can be added, and that's "Cash"...and that comes by "Credit"
many times.
It takes a lot of cash and credit to run a business well, that's where we come
in. Planning for the future of your business requires dedication now–building
a company that best reflects your goals, and ultimately, working toward
protecting what we build, together. For our clients whom are dedicated to
creating a legacy, we are equally as driven to create a plan for your success,
through building a large 6 figure credit portfolio, lowest cost on credit card
processing, and professional analysis and recommendations to best run your
A1 Financial USA's main offerings are every type of Business
Funding imaginable...and solutions to businesses through our
business loans to $500,000,000,  bridge loans
(for "flipping" properties), hard money RE loans, debt consolidation
programs, equipment financing and "In House Financing".
We Look Forward to Serving You!
Mark Ayers
mark ayers
Offering In House Financing
is perhaps the smartest move you can make:
Here's why:
-First, it's
free to business owners, without any quotas.
-Second, we'll  
pay you commissions on loans you send our way
with only
a small volume quota of $3,000 in loans in any week.
-Third, it takes only 30 seconds to add this powerful sales tool
to your capability  list.
Sign up right now and in 1 minute you'll be able to earn
and increase sales by offering  our
in-house financing.
A Special Option:
For our loan savvy customers that wish to save on fees, our partners now
minimum fixed rate discount on pre-paid fee lending.
(That could mean as much as $20,000 in savings on a $2,000,000 loan).

Here's how this math may benefit you:
Let's pretend you need a $50,000 personal loan, because you don't own a
business, or have a tax lien, criminal background, etc.
In our normal program, the broker fees for spending weeks submitting
to our 904 lenders finding you loans would get expensive, even the
lowest rate would be 5%. With the "Pre-Pay Service Based Plan" (PPSDP)
you are guaranteed to save at least 1% on your fees,
and it could be a lot more if you have hidden or "not-so-hidden" credit

Here's how to enter this program:
Step 1: Call (909)-930-9159 or email our CEO at
Request a PPSDP, leaving your name and phone number.
It will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
Type in the amount you want guaranteed to be funded,
it must be $25,000 or more. Pay via Paypal 4% of that amount
to You may apply for credit to fund this
small account at (scroll down to the right side and look
"Pay with Paypal Credit" and apply.)
This (CRB rated #1 by reviews in the US) Bonding Company will hold your
funds until the loan request is fulfilled within 45 days.
If any portion of the loan is not fulfilled you receive a full refund for that
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